About Us

Why Cameron Grove Estate

We like to think of Cameron Grove Estate as a uniquely collaborative project between ‘the three Rs’: Roche Group, RIBA Homes, and most importantly, our wonderful Residents. The Estate is a dynamic environment; forever growing and improving, creating a masterplanned community for the future.

The team behind Cameron Grove Estate have over twenty years of experience developing residential communities across New South Wales and Queensland, Roche Group provides the necessary support, expertise and financial infrastructure to ensure Cameron Grove Estate meets the highest standards of modern Australian masterplan design, layout, and the provision of outstanding, comprehensive amenities. This is further supported and complemented by the expert, award-winning craftsmanship of RIBA Homes, who act as Cameron Grove Estate’s dedicated design and construction providers, along with our hand-selected build teams.

The passionate team behind Cameron Grove Estate includes developers, property experts, consultants, designers, builders and local legends who have pulled together to create something extraordinary. Visit our Sales Office or drop us a line to find out more about Cameron Grove Estate for yourself — we’d love to show you around.